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Oh yeah, we moved! Like two years ago.

Hi Imaginary Family Readers! We bought a house like two and a half years ago now, but every once in a while we still hear that people sent us mail at the old apartment. Oops. Maybe we should’ve told you we moved!

I don’t really wanna list our address all bold and public here, but our new ZIP code is 98107. If you’re not sending to that, then please bug one of our parents (or us) and we’ll get it all sorted out.

Cheers! And come visit us! 😉

Aaand more video

Garrett of Aderyn Productions just uploaded our little highlights video — so very cool. The “big” video is being edited as a generous gift from a very generous and very busy friend, so we won’t see that one for quite some time. But we’ll post the rest of the pics once we get them.
For now, enjoy!

Summary post from BreeAnn

Well, BreeAnn of Pink Blossom said it better than we could in her blog post. Thanks to all our awesome vendors for the amazing day!

Sneak peek at wedding photos!

We finally got a link to just a few of our lovely wedding images — SO CUTE! More are to come soon, but for now, enjoy:

Red Fish Blue Fish Sneak Peek

Also, friend Sorin Gabu shot an informal iPhone video but turned it into a really nice little YouTube:

Brief video of Virginia and Grant’s wedding

Thanks to all, and we’ll keep you updated with more photo and video as soon as everything comes to us!

<3 Mr. & Mrs. Roberts

Discounts near the Pan Pacific!

Yesterday marked the arrival of our first wave of family and friends visiting for our wedding — yay! We also just received some cool news from local vendors that we’ like to pass along to our wedding guests.

Clover House, located in the courtyard across from the Pan Pacific Hotel, will give a 10% discount if you mention our wedding. (I urge you to use our first names instead of our last here.) This is an adorable shop with cards, gifts and cool souvenirs, many of which are from local artists.

Vida Spa, also located in the courtyard across from the Pan Pacific, is extending a 15% group discount to all guests of our wedding. Just be sure to mention the Culler/Roberts wedding when you book.

Can’t wait to start celebrating with everyone soon!

<3 Virginia

Respondez S’il Vous Plaît

We got our invitations out, but there were the expected number of foibles. Yikes! Sorry for a couple of them getting out later than intended.

If any of you would like to just call or email us your RSVP info, we would be more than happy to take it! You can also just touch base with our families if that’s easiest.

We can’t wait to celebrate with everyone!


As we draw nearer to Valentine’s Day, red hearts get a bit old. Not this one, though: Grant snuck this image on to my laptop after I went to bed, so when I inevitably woke up before him and opened up my computer, this is all I saw:


Nice to be reminded that I’m marrying the right guy.

Oh God, the dreams.

I just dreamt that our wedding crept up on us so suddenly that we still hadn’t finalized the flowers yet. So there were just no flowers. (Even though this time, we actually HAVE booked a florist!) For some reason we also seemed to be missing chairs and tables. My hair wasn’t done and… yeah, you get the idea.

Now that we’re finally back from all the wonderful travels of 2009, it’s time to get cracking! First things first: no more hydrangeas. Brides-to-be, I can’t urge you to do this enough — go to a nice grocery store or florist, buy a few of the different varietals of flowers you were considering having for your wedding, and throw them in vases around your apartment. If, by the end of a week, you HATE any given flower, that’s one you shouldn’t use in your wedding floral arrangements.

Bye bye, blue hydrangeas — my love of a matchy-matchy color scheme has officially been surpassed by my dislike of boring, bushy, country-looking flowers (that wilt and bruise easily) for our sleek, minimalist indoor vaguely Asian venue. Green orchids and deep purple calla lilies are the new golden child right now.

Dress is being made… check. Shoes have been in my closet for months… check. Oh, yeah, in my dream Grant hadn’t gotten my actual wedding ring resized yet (from a 3 to a 7, so not like I could just stick it on another finger!). I better see to it that that gets done next, too. Maybe wedding stress nightmares are a good thing!


The crazy dreams have started.

The past two nights in a row, I started to have weird zonky wedding dreams, including a completely recast set of parents and in-laws (whom I don’t recognize), and a venue I’ve never laid eyes on in real life that looked like it was straight out of some fictional Hamptons party from Gossip Girl.  With fugly carpeting.

The last dream I had (on Thursday night/early morning) involved everyone being like “The wedding’s this weekend, come on guys!” and me being confused since we have yet to pick a photographer or flowers.


Guess it’s time to start interviewing photographers and florists.  And going to bed earlier.

I just can’t hide it…

Ever since reading it in some dumb magazine-suggested wedding playlist, I have had Ce Ce Peniston’s “Finally” stuck in my head.  The next man I meet with brown cocoa skin and curly black hair may end up tragically dead.