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Oh God, the dreams.

I just dreamt that our wedding crept up on us so suddenly that we still hadn’t finalized the flowers yet. So there were just no flowers. (Even though this time, we actually HAVE booked a florist!) For some reason we also seemed to be missing chairs and tables. My hair wasn’t done and… yeah, you get the idea.

Now that we’re finally back from all the wonderful travels of 2009, it’s time to get cracking! First things first: no more hydrangeas. Brides-to-be, I can’t urge you to do this enough — go to a nice grocery store or florist, buy a few of the different varietals of flowers you were considering having for your wedding, and throw them in vases around your apartment. If, by the end of a week, you HATE any given flower, that’s one you shouldn’t use in your wedding floral arrangements.

Bye bye, blue hydrangeas — my love of a matchy-matchy color scheme has officially been surpassed by my dislike of boring, bushy, country-looking flowers (that wilt and bruise easily) for our sleek, minimalist indoor vaguely Asian venue. Green orchids and deep purple calla lilies are the new golden child right now.

Dress is being made… check. Shoes have been in my closet for months… check. Oh, yeah, in my dream Grant hadn’t gotten my actual wedding ring resized yet (from a 3 to a 7, so not like I could just stick it on another finger!). I better see to it that that gets done next, too. Maybe wedding stress nightmares are a good thing!


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